Adding Custom Fields to Contacts

You can extend the Contact object with custom fields such as Age or Gender or any other field you want to track. 

How to create a custom field


Navigate to Customer profiles and Contact Fields. Click Create new Field.


Enter the name of your new field. The Contact field variable and session variable will automatically be set to the same as your field name. If you want to change any of them, simply open the Advanced Settings.


Press Save and you're done! 

Where can I find these fields?

The new, custom fields are available in several places:

  • As columns in the people view
  • Inside the detailed contact view
  • In Automations
  • In CSV exports

How to populate custom fields using Javascript

To populate the custom fields with data on the visitors, you will need to pass them manually through Javascript on each session. Documentation is available here. The custom session properties will then be transferred to the Contact once intercepted by Triggebee data service.

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