Troubleshooting Widgets


This article will help you troubleshoot issues related to Widgets. 

"Why doesn't my widget show?"

If your widget doesn't show based on the conditions you've chosen it can depend on different things. We have gathered the most common troubleshooting situations in this list below, if you still have a problem after testing this please send us a message under the contact section and we will help you. 

1. Triggerbee has something called cache when you do edits in your widgets, so it can take up to 5 minutes before you see the edits you've done. (This is only for you, not to other visitors). 
That's why we have these links " Show now" & "Show with display triggers" that you can use to see your widget-edits right away, these links work around the cache and cookies. 

If the link doesn't work either you can always open up the page in incognito mode also called anonymous window, where the local cookies never are stored.

2. Look if you have specified your pages the right way, you should not include your domain here, that Triggerbee already knows. So for example if you want to show your widget for visitors who visit your contact page it should be written like this:


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