How to add a button in your Widget

These buttons are only links. This means you cannot make a form appear inside your widget when a button is clicked.

Navigate to Publish. Create a new widget or edit an existing one.

1. In the first step of the wizard, find the radio button that says Entire Widget is a link, and click on it! Don't forget to add an address to a page on your website.

This will remove the form and make your whole widget clickable. Like this:

2. After you've added your page address, go back to the text editor and add a text that you will turn into a button. For the sake of this example we will write "Click me", but you can write anything you'd like.

3. Highlight the text you want to turn into a button, then click on the link-icon and add a link in the popup that appears. Click on OK when you're done.

4. Highlight your link, and then click on Formats. Hover your cursor over Buttons and choose a color for your button.

You're done! Now you have a clickable button in your widget!

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