How to add a button in your Widget

IMPORTANT: This article applies to our old Widget product, which will be phased out during 2020 in favor of our new and improved widget tool Onsite Campaigns. Read more, and learn about the Onsite Campaign Product here.

These buttons are only links. This means you cannot make a form appear inside your widget when a button is clicked.

Navigate to Publish. Create a new widget or edit an existing one.

1. In the first step of the wizard, find the radio button that says Entire Widget is a link, and click on it! Don't forget to add an address to a page on your website.

This will remove the form and make your whole widget clickable. Like this:

2. After you've added your page address, go back to the text editor and add a text that you will turn into a button. For the sake of this example we will write "Click me", but you can write anything you'd like.

3. Highlight the text you want to turn into a button, then click on the link-icon and add a link in the popup that appears. Click on OK when you're done.

4. Highlight your link, and then click on Formats. Hover your cursor over Buttons and choose a color for your button.

You're done! Now you have a clickable button in your widget!

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