Why You Should Integrate Your Email Campaigns

All great marketers know that email is still one of the most powerful marketing tactics at their disposal, but they also know that it's evolving beyond its newsletter blasting past. Relevance is the most important aspect to think about when working with email marketing. If you are not relevant you will not be read. Your clickthrough rate will plummet and subscriptions will drop.

So how do we achieve relevance?

By analyzing click behavior and understanding what each subscriber is interested in - in real time. Triggerbee is the perfect OnSite Companion to your email marketing service. What subscribers and companies are spending a lot of time reading about your offers, who orders and who does not order...? Triggerbee brings you great profiling capabilities to your existing customer base. Use it to trigger emails based on website activites, profile your subscribers to create hyper segments and become more relevant.

Haven't set up your email integration to Triggerbee yet? No worries. Click here for instructions.

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