How to use a Custom Field in your Widget

IMPORTANT: This article applies to our old Widget product, which will be phased out during 2020 in favor of our new and improved widget tool Onsite Campaigns. Read more, and learn about the Onsite Campaign Product here.

You can use a custom field in your widget to collect any information that is not available in the default fields. 

Note: Currently the custom field only supports text and numbers (123) - and can't be used as radio buttons or checkboxes.

Turn on the Custom Field (the field in the bottom of your form editor). Select whether to have it required or not.
Decide what type of information you want your visitor to enter in the field, and give it a name. For this example, we'll use "Job title".
 You're done! Now your widget has a third field.

Collect custom field data

But wait! You probably want to store the collected data from your custom field somewhere, don't you? There are two places we can do that. 

  1. In the contact card of the converted visitor. To do so, you need to set up an extra contact field - follow this guide to proceed. 
  2. In your integrated CRM/Email-marketing tool, by sending it through an automation.
    Use this dynamic variable to send the data in your custom field to your connected app:

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