Setting up your Privacy Policy with Consent

When you create a widget, you have the option to add a privacy policy which your users must read and/or accept by checking a checkbox. 

You can create a privacy policy with Triggerbee Consent if you want to see who accepted your policy inside Triggerbee. 

The steps below walks you through how you can create a policy from your Widget editor and connect it to your widget.

1. Navigate to Widgets, create a widget and choose a template.

2. Scroll down to the bottom in the first step, and check the box Consent & Privacy Policy.

3. A blue panel with options will be expanded. In it, you'll see a link that says Create a new privacy policy using Triggerbee Consent. Click it to be redirected to your Consent settings.

4. Enter your company's name, and your full contact information in the format below, then click on Save.

Address, street 45
129 39, Stockholm
+4673 123 45 67

5. Click on Create New.

6. You will be asked to choose a template. If you already have a privacy policy from before, choose the Blank Template and paste in your previous policy. Otherwise, choose the English or the Swedish version.

Note: These are standardized templates that cover basic information about tracking, cookies and usage of personal information. It is not specifically and automatically customized to your website or your company's processes, so WE RECOMMEND you read it and customize it to fit your company.

7. Congratulations! You're only a few steps from having a privacy policy. Fill out or edit the fields in this section, then click on Save and continue when you're done. 

Red square: Introduction text. A single sentence to present what your visitors will see when they click on your notification on your website. This is illustrated in the top picture to the right.

Purple square: Your summary text. Write a summary of what is included in your Privacy policy. This is illustrated in the picture in the middle.

Green square: Your complete Privacy Policy text. Paste your full policy here, or customize your chosen template.

Orage square: When your visitors see your summary and full privacy policy, they will be asked to click a button. Decide what text you want on those buttons here.

8. Choose the template for your Privacy Policy. You can choose a Callout or a full-width panel that stretches across the screen. Click on Next when you're done.

9. Under Appearance, you can customize your widget to fit your brand colors and select an icon. Click on any element in the widget to change its colors.

10.  In the last step, you can choose if you want to show your policy as a standalone popup, or only below your forms inside your widgets.

Now go back to the widget editor and choose Use Triggerbee Consent for your Privacy Policy!

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