Tracking eCommerce purchases (for non-developers)

Note: This method of tracking purchases is based on page visits, meaning the goal will be fulfilled when visiting a specific url, not when the actual purchase is verified. Thus, this method is not 100% accurate. If you need more precise results, ask your developer to read these articles: Logging goals and events with javascript & Tracking eCommerce events

Tracking purchases with URL-based goals 

If you haven't already, go ahead and read this article about goals before you continue. 

A goal is a pre-determined action that your users take on your website. When a user fulfills that goal (or takes that action), you will see it in your insights list like this:

This can be done in two ways:


URL (website address)



Today, you're going to learn how to do it based on the URL.

Step One

When it comes to eCommerce websites, it usually has 3 key pages. 

  1. The product page (where you add to cart)
  2. The checkout page (where you fill in your information and card number)
  3. Thank you page (or the "Receipt"-page)

You want to find the address to your Thank You-page and use that as a goal. 

This is because both your product page, the shopping cart, and the checkout page are frequently visited, while your Thank You-page is NOT visited by anyone unless they've made a purchase. 

Note: If you don't have a Thank You-page, add one if possible. Otherwise, you need to ask your developer to log purchases and send data into Triggerbee with code.

Here's an illustration of where you should put your Purchase Goal:

Step Two


In Triggerbee, navigate to Settings and Goals. Click "Add goal".


Give your goal a name, and paste the URL (address) to your Thank You-page, in the URL field. You can skip the "Url funnel" option for this occasion. Make sure to only add the path of your thank you page, not the whole URL.

Wrong: https:/
Right: /thank-you


Press Save and you're done!
From now, visitors visiting the thank you page will get the goal "Completed purchase". 

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