Integrating with Ungapped

The integration with Ungapped will give you the possibility to:

  • Track and identify subscriber visitors on your site
  • Automation possibilities:
    Add email to list (For example send widget conversions directly to a specific list in Ungapped.) 
    - Update field on subscriber
    - Send email (For example when a visitor has converted in a widget, send a thank you mail automated.)

Set up instructions: 

Navigate to Integrations and activate the Ungapped app.
Enter your username and password, press Save.
Once successfully authenticated, open Ungapped App in Triggerbee again. 

A. Triggers: This is where you choose which one of your lists in Ungapped that Triggerbee should integrate with, eg. populate with new subscribers.
B. Update subscriber properties: Choose what properties Triggerbee should populate and update on the subscriber in Ungapped. 

Note: All of the properties including the word "Consent" are not to be used unless you are using Triggerbee Consent.  

C. Select which lists Triggerbee should update: Choose which of your lists in Ungapped (must match at least one of the lists in step A), that Triggerbee should sync these properties with.

Save your Settings. 

Open your Ungapped account and create a test campaign.
Note: You will always need to fill in the Google Analytics tracking in Ungapped.


Go to the Visitor List in your Triggerbee account and check that your visit has been identified from the campaign, ie. has an email address connected to the visit. 

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