Integrating with Ungapped

The integration with Ungapped will give you the possibility to:

  • Track and identify subscriber visitors on your site
  • Automation possibilities:

    Add email to list (For example send widget conversions directly to a specific list in Ungapped.) 
    - Update field on subscriber
    - Send email (For example when a visitor has converted in a widget, send a thank you mail automated.)

Set up instructions: 

1. Fill in your user name and password for your Ungapped account under the Ungapped inside Triggerbee then click save

2. Choose the lists you want triggers to work with 

3. Create a test campaign from Ungapped. Note, that you always need to fill in the Google Analytics tracking in Ungapped. 
4. Go to insights in your Triggerbee account and see if your visit has been identified from the campaign. It should look like this:

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