How Triggerbee handles collected Personal Data

Triggerbee will never share personal data stored in your account to third parties, with these exceptions:

  • When the customer (or Triggerbee on the customers' request) activates connections to external systems / through integration apps or API calls. 
  • Suppliers to Triggerbee of data infrastructure services such as hosting, data management, and support/helpdesk services.

Treatment of Personal Data

Personal data that is collected in Triggerbee is treated by data management services in order to fulfill the services of the products.

This treatment may include (but not limited to):

  • Aggregation of personal activity over time with the purpose of understanding analyzing behavior, predict intent and personalize marketing.
  • Funneling personal data to third-party services (if activated by the customer)
  • Present personal data to you in reports and dashboards

All data are stored within EU on different cloud-based services. We store data on backups (with a few weeks rotation).

How long time does Triggerbee store personal data?

The data collected and aggregated are stored at different time spans depending on the chosen Plan and each accounts settings.

Complete sessions data
A session is data stored to a certain event, such as a website visit, a chat session, a purchase. All details about a session with all logged events related to a session. This data is typically stored for a few days to a few weeks. Please consult your support team in order to know exactly your Accounts settings.

Summary of session data
A summary of a session, such as if important events happened, what the source was and the time spent. This data is typically stored for a few months to a year. Please consult your support team in order to know exactly your Accounts settings.

Contacts / People data
Collected personal data about contacts (typically email addresses, name etc). On each contact aggregated data on the persons' interest, the frequency of visits, achieved goals and milestones, campaigns and dates. 

  • Triggerbee stores this information until you delete it or you cancel the account. Therefore it is important that you inform your customers of how long you are planning to store the data.

List of suppliers to Triggerbee

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