How to send converted visitors to your Mailchimp list

Triggerbee helps you identify visitors at your site,  read more here about how we do that. When we have a converted visitor, you'll have the option to send that person (the registered email address) to a list in your email system. If you have integrated your email system to your Triggerbee account.

Send a contact to a list in MailChimp step by step: 

  1. Choose your trigger. In this case, we will pick "Widget Form Submission", and then the widget from which you want to collect submissions.
  2. Under "Do this action", choose "Add email to list".
  3. Choose what list you want to add the user to. We will automatically add the condition that we need to have the email of the user in order to proceed with the action.
    1. The option "Enable double opt-in" is useful for when you want to secure your list. This will send an email to the user and ask them to confirm their subscription, before we add them to the list. 
  4. Save your automation and you're done!
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