How to send a converted visitor to Rule

Once Triggerbee has helped you identify and convert your visitors, you might want to add them to your email subscriber list. This is done through Triggerbee Automations. 

Note: This guide requires that you have integrated Rule. Read this guide on how to do so first.

How to send a converted visitor to Rule

Navigate to Automations and create a new one. Give it a descriptive name. 
For the Trigger, select the widget in which your visitors will convert. If you have more than one widget on your website, please create an automation for each one. 
For the Action, select "Add email to List" in the Rule options.
Triggerbee will automatically add the condition for Email, stating that the automation will only trigger if we have the email for the visitor.
If you want the subscriber to have a certain language, you can add that in the "language field" in ISO 639-1 format, eg. the first two letters in ("sv" for Swedish, "en" for English, "no" for Norwegian - in English terms). Otherwise, the subscriber will get the default language in Rule.

The Enable d ouble opt-in option will allow you to send an email to the subscriber, asking them to confirm their email address. This will help you clear your lists from fake emails. Additional configuration is required in Rule in order for this to function, please follow the link to set it up if you want to use this feature.

Note: if you don't see any list's in the drop-down menu, please check that you have selected your list's that you want triggers to work with under Integrations. Read more here: Integrating with Rule

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