Integrating with Trello

A common scenario for our smaller B2B-customers is that they use Triggerbee + Trello as their CRM-solution when they don't have access to a pure CRM-tool or are tired of messy excel sheets. If this applies to you and your business, keep on reading.

Triggerbee lets you

  • Create new cards on any of your boards
  • Update existing cards with new information 

1. How to integrate Trello with Triggerbee


Log in to your Trello account and follow this link:
It should show your API Key. Copy the Key and save it in a text editor for later. Make sure not to add any extra spaces or characters. 

You need to convert your API Key to an API Token. To do so, change the  application_key_here (red part) in the link below to your copied API Key. 

Before: application_key_here&scope=read%2Cwrite&name=Triggerbee&expiration=never&response_type=token
After: 72c808f908asd57ba201f&scope=read%2Cwrite&name=Triggerbee&expiration=never&response_type=token

Open the link in your browser. In the prompt that appears, allow Triggerbee to access your Trello-account. You should be redirected to a webpage like this, were you will find your API token. Copy the token and save it in a text editor for later. Make sure not to add any extra spaces or characters. 

2. Activate the integration

Navigate to Integrations in your Triggerbee account and activate the Trello integration App.
Enter your API Key and Token as saved in previous steps. Press Save.
Open the app again to select what board you want to integrate. Press Save again.
Now you're done with the Trello integration! Please give Triggerbee a few minutes to set up, and then you will be able to see the Trello button in the Insights section, and the available Trello actions in Automations. 

Note: If you can't see the Trello button in Insights even after a while, please try to log out and back in.

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