Integrating with Trello

Send activities to Trello using our Triggerbee for Trello integration App. Triggerbee + Trello is great for managing onboarding activites that occur both offline and online. 

Triggerbee let's you:

  • create new cards and you get to select what board you want to add it on. 
  • Update existing cards with new information 

Setup instructions:

1. Navigate to Apps in your Triggerbee account and activate the Trello integration App.

2. Go to your Trello account and get your application key, click at this link (If your're not logged in, log in to your account and the link will work) 

3. Get access to your token by copying this link below

4. change the application_key_here in the link below with your application key see that you copied in step 3. 

5. Then open the link to generate permanent user token for Triggerbee.

6. Paste your token into the App under the API Key (application key)

7. Click Save 

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