Send lead manually into Trello

Send a lead directly from your Insights to Trello

Note that you first need to integrate your Trello account to Triggerbee.
Learn more here: Integrate with Trello

When you have configured the Trello Integration you're ready to go! A common scenario for our smaller B2B-customers is that they use Triggerbee + Trello as their CRM-solution when they don't have access to a pure CRM-tool or are tired of messy excel sheets. If this applies to you and your business, keep on reading.

Navigate to your Insights and click on the visit you'd like to send into Trello. Press Send to Trello.

Fill out the lead accordingly. 

  • Message - Choose the message that's gonna show on your new card (for example the web activity of your lead)
  • List - Choose the list on your board you want the card to appear on 
  • Assign to - Assign to the right account owner

Pres Send to Trello and watch your lead magically appear in your Trello board!

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