Send lead into Trello automatically

Create a trigger that will send your lead automatically to Trello, note that you first need to integrate your Trello account to Triggerbee. Learn more here:  Integrate with Trello
In Triggerbee we call it automated workflows, when you on a specific condition/s trigger a action to happen, be registrated or updated in another integrated system, in this case, Triggerbee -> Trello. 
You can also do this manually, directly from the Insights section. See:  Send lead manually into Trello

1. Navigate to the Automation section and choose first what goal you want to base the action on "browse more actions"

Choose the action that's gonna fire when the goal s completed by the visit. Then you 
will receive the following alternatives to select: 

  • List - Choose the list on your board you want the card to appear on 
  • Assign to - Assign to the right account owner

4. Click Save 

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