Show widget based on keywords in the query string

IMPORTANT: This article applies to our old Widget product, which will be phased out during 2020 in favor of our new and improved widget tool Onsite Campaigns. Read more, and learn about the Onsite Campaign Product here.

The ability to target widgets based on the query string in the visitors' URL opens up unlimited possibilities webpage personalization. Here's a bunch of different use cases of query string targeting:

  • Use utm_source=facebook to target all Facebook visitors
  • Use utm_campaign=influencerSarah to target all visitors from an influencer campaign
  • Use utm_campaign=10percentsummerdiscount to target all visitors from your campaign and greet them with the discount code
  • Use utm_custom[email][email protected] to target specific visitors with unique offers
  • Use your own parameters, like customer=triggerbee to greet your prospects when visiting your site, or demolink=triggerbee to send out unique demo links

Note: The query string targeting requires that you work with query strings and UTM-tracking in the links to your webpage. Read more about that here

Navigate to the Audience section in the Widget editor.
Select the option "show widget to a specific audience" and scroll down to "If a Querystring is present".
Enter the query string you want as an identifier. You can add one or more query strings. 

Note: Wildcards can be used for broader query strings.

Publish your widget. The widget will now be available at

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