Which Consent information does Triggerbee send to my email system?


This article explains which information is sent from Triggerbee to your integrated email marketing system.

Consent information from Triggerbee

Triggerbee updates contacts that have converted in a Widget or submitted one of your forms, with information about their Consent.

Here are the fields that Triggerbee will add in your email system: 

Information Field name (in your email system) Description Example
Consent Date Triggerbee Last Consent Date The date and timestamp of the Consent 2019-02-07 14:25:18
Page Title Triggerbee Last Consent Context Title The page title where the contact gave their Consent E-book marketing automation
Domain (URL) Triggerbee Last Consent Context Domain The domain where the contact gave their Consent triggerbee.com
Checkbox Triggerbee Last Consent Checkbox Present Whether or not the consent checkbox was checked true
Policy version Triggerbee Last Consent Policy Version The version of the privacy policy the contact Consented to 2018-02-20
Policy revision Triggerbee Last Consent Policy Revision The revision-number that your contact Consented to 236

Note: Triggerbee will automatically add these fields in Mailchimp and Rule.
If you use APSIS or Webpower, you will need to create the fields manually in your account.

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