Adding consent on your existing forms

If you have your own forms on the website and want to use Triggerbee to document the consent then you can do the following:

Start by adding a checkbox and a policy disclaimer below your form.
Example code
<input type="checkbox" name="consent_policy"/> I consent to receieve digital communication in accordance with the <a href="#">privacy policy</a>
There are two options for opening the privacy policy in the example code above (where the # is). 
  1. Linking to the privacy policy in a new window. 

    Get the URL of your privacy policy here. The URL should look something like this:
    Replace the # with the link, and add target="_blank" to open the link in a new window. 
    <a href="" target_"blank">privacy policy</a>
  2. Open up the privacy policy in an overlay.

    Replace the # with this Javascript snippet, in order to open up your policy in an overlay. 
    <a href="javascript:void(0)" onclick="'policy');">privacy policy</a>

The final step is to log the consent event to Triggerbee, which is done through Javascript. Follow this guide to complete the setup.

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