Logging consent from your existing forms

If you have your own forms on the website and want to use Triggerbee to document the consent then you can do the following:

Step 1: Include a reference/link to the privacy policy in your form

Alternative 1: Linking to the privacy policy in a new window

Linking directly to the privacy policy. Get the URL of your privacy policy here:

The URL looks something like this: 


Alternative 2: Open up the  privacy  policy in a overlay widget

If you want to open the privacy policy in the overlay widget you can use this example code:

<input type="checkbox" name="consent_policy"/> I give consent to marketing communication and have <a href="javascript:void(0)" onclick="mtr_consent.open('policy');">and understand that my personal data will be handled in accordance with the privacy policy</a>.

The user can click on the link which opens up the Privacy Policy popup (onclick="mtr_consent.open('open');")

Step 2: Log consent event to Triggerbee

If you want to pass consent documentation from your own forms to Triggerbee you need to log it using javascript. The method is mtr_consent.logConsent():

window.mtr_consent.logConsent(contextTitle, consentText);

And to avoid sending to tracker right-away and doing it yourself afterward (optional parameter):

var sendEventToTracker = false; window.mtr_consent.logConsent(contextTitle, consentText, sendEventToTracker);

contextTitle = the context for consent, for example "Sign up newsletter with 25% discount" or "Purchase".

consentText = the short text describing what the visitor agrees to, for example, "I consent to receive marketing communication and understand that my personal data will be handled in accordance with the privacy policy."

The privacy policy version of the given Consent is set automatically to the privacy policy version currently published on the website.

NOTE: Before making this call you must first log the email address of the user


Step 3: Verify the result

To verify that Consent is being logged you log into Triggerbee and open up the "Consent" view and click on "View people that has given consent".

Click on a contact from the list to inspect the Consent events with documented fields, like the image below:

  • Date
  • Event
  • Context title
  • Consent text
  • URL where Consent was given
  • Version of Privacy policy

Sending Consent Fields to your email provider

If you've set up property synch with your email provider, then the Consent fields will be updated during the night. 

Wait a day or two and then login and verify that the new subscribers have Consent Fields created by Triggerbee. 

Example screenshot from within MailChimp:

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