How to insert an embedded widget inside your content

The embedded widgets are perfect to use if you want your widget to appear inside your content, for example a blog post or other news feed type of content. The embedded widget is static and will be there even if the user scroll down the site and it can't be closed. Here's a guide of how to insert it to the page: 

1. Navigate to Publish (opens in a new tab)

2. Click on "Create widget" and choose the "Embedded" layout 

3. Choose template and start creating the look of it 

4. Go to the "Where to show" step and click on the alternative "embed using shortcode" 

5. Copy the shortcode and go to your site CMS

6. Insert the short code you have copied into the article, you should find an alternative to insert code, the button in your CMS editor can look like this <> 

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