How to work with micro-conversion

IMPORTANT: This article applies to our old Widget product, which will be phased out during 2020 in favor of our new and improved widget tool Onsite Campaigns. Read more, and learn about the Onsite Campaign Product here.

A micro conversion is a small step on the path of a visitor towards your primary conversion goal (For example converting in a widget) or making a purchase. For example, you can increase your following on Instagram, Facebook or other. The micro-conversion feature in widgets will check if the visitor has clicked on the shared link until the visitor has done the micro-conversion, the form will not be able to be submitted of the visitor. 

How to add a micro-conversion in your widget

Go to the Content section in the widget editor. 
Highlight the text you want to have the conversion on, for instance, "follow us on Instagram". 
Click the micro-conversion button in the editor. Your first selection is to pick whether to hide or show the form before conversion, i.e. if the email-field should be present or not before the visitor has clicked the link. The submit button will not be clickable until the visitor has clicked the conversion link either way. 

Make sure the text in the text field is the text you want to be clickable, and enter the URL to the page you want to link the visitors for conversion (for example the URL to Instagram account or Facebook page).

Tip! Change the color of the micro-conversion text to make it pop! This guide will tell you how to do so. 

Publish the widget and take a look at the final result.

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