How to create a whitepaper widget

Generate more warm leads by creating a widget that unlocks whitepapers for the visitor instead of giving them away for free. Check this guide on how to create this type of widget: 

1. Navigate to Widgets in the Triggerbee app. 

2. Click "Create Widget" and choose any template 

3. Customize the widget as you like, choose the email form and write a suitable copy, think about the call to action - for example, "Download E-book" or "Give it to me NOW!" instead of something less unique like "send". 

4. Click on the "Form Submission" menu and choose the alternative "Show Thank you-text", this text is going to show when the visitor has clicked on submit, here's where you link to the whitepaper, you need to host the file somewhere for this to work. (You can also send the whitepaper in a confirmation email, read more about automated emails here) You can preview how it's gonna look before you publish. 

Here's an example: 

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