How to create a whitepaper widget

IMPORTANT: This article applies to our old Widget product, which will be phased out during 2020 in favor of our new and improved widget tool Onsite Campaigns. Read more, and learn about the Onsite Campaign Product here.

Generate more warm leads by creating a widget that unlocks whitepapers for the visitor instead of giving them away for free. Check this guide on how to create this type of widget:

Note: This guide assumes you have read the widget intro and have set up your first widget.

Navigate to the Content section of your widget editor. 
Make sure you have a strong call to action in the form submission. For example, "Download E-book" or "Give it to me NOW!" instead of something less unique like "send".
Add a thank you text. Here's where you link to the whitepaper.

Note: You can also send the whitepaper in a confirmation email.
Read more about automations here.

Type your text and highlight the part where you want your download. Click the link button and add the link to your whitepaper (you need to host the file somewhere for this to work).

A tip is to change the download-text to a button, by highlighting it, clicking Formats --> Button and selecting the color of your choice.
Publish your widget! This is what the result could look like (with some added CSS on the button):

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