Advanced Consent Settings

Changing the Language of Consent Privacy Policy

Triggerbee Consent supports multiple languages. By default, the language used in the privacy policy will be the language specified by the website in the HTML-code   <html lang="en"> 

Note: This requires that you have set up policies for each language of your website. Read this guide of how to do so.

However, you can override this setting and select your own privacy policy language for a section of your website, or depending on visitors browser. Use this Javascript snippet to change the language of your privacy policy: 

window.mtr_consent_site_settings = window.mtr_consent_site_settings || {}; 
window.mtr_consent_site_settings.language = 'sv';<br>

Don't show consent widget on pageload

The Cookie widget ("we use cookies") is automatically displayed for new visitors on the first page load. To disable this behaviour, set the JS-variable to not show the widget on page load:

window.mtr_consent_site_settings = window.mtr_consent_site_settings || {}; window.mtr_consent_site_settings.disableOnPageLoad = true;

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