How to import contacts

In this article you will learn how to import a list of existing contacts into your Triggerbee account. 

  1. Navigate to Customer profiles and import. You can also find this section under Settings --> Manage Contacts.
  2. Download the Import Template, and open it in Excel or Google Sheets.

  3. Copy+paste your contacts into the template, and save it as a.csv-file.

  4. Go back to Import in Triggerbee, hit the "Choose File"-button and select the file you just saved. 
  5. Click Preview in the left corner and ensure that everything looks correct. The bolded text on the right shows the information you've added.

  6. You're almost done! If everything looks correct, click on "Import". You can choose between two different options when you import.

    Recommended: Ignore empty columns. This means if you have empty columns in your sheet, it won't affect any existing contacts already in your Triggerbee account. 

    NOT recommended: Remove existing data with empty columns. This means that if "[email protected]" already exists in your Triggerbee account, and you have added him in your .csv file, any cell left empty will also clear his information in Triggerbee.

  7. Click on "Yes" to import your contacts! 

  8. Congratulations, you've just made your first contact import!  

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