Cookies in use by Triggerbee

Triggerbee uses a variety of cookies. By default, we only use "first party cookies".

Here is an example:


_mtrid is the identifier cookie, creating a session between pageviews and connecting sessions over time. This article describes what type of data that is stored in this cookie:


fpv_{siteID} is a short cookie that keeps track of whether this is the first pageview of a visit. Only stored during the session. 


mtr-consent{siteID} are cookies related to viewing the "Privacy & Cookie notification" and to given consents. Only applicable for accounts that has Triggerbee Consent activated. 


mtr_goal are cookies related to achieving click-goals such as purchase, logging in, or reading a page. Only stored during the session. 

triggerbee_widgets_state_{siteId} is a cookie that stores campaign targeting, eg. the number of pageviews for the current session and all checked audiences. 
triggerbee_widgets_closed_{siteId} is a cookie that keeps track of all the campaigns that the visitor has closed, so he/she will not see them again. 

Local- and sessionStorage

Apart from cookies, Triggerbee also stores some data in localStorage and sessionStorage. 


mtr_p ("person") is localStorage and stores the identifier of the visitor (email) if such exists, together with goals and tags that can be used for campaign targeting. mtr_p is never removed.


mtr_v ("visit") is sessionStorage and stores tags, goals, landing page, and the number of page views of the visit. The mtr_v is also used to target Onsite Campaigns, but is deleted at the end of the current session.

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