Integrate Zapier

Note: This integration requires you to have a Zapier account. If you don't have one yet, you can register an account here.

Integrate Zapier to Triggerbee

Navigate to Integrations in Triggerbee. Open the Zapier Integration and activate it by toggling the on/off button at the bottom right.
A new field will show, with your unique API Key. Copy the Key and Press Save. 
Open the integration again, and Press "Add the Triggerbee app to your Zapier account". Accept the invite by logging in to your Zapier account.

Creating your first Zap!

Once integrated, you will be able to set up your first Zap! In the first step, make sure you have selected "Triggerbee" as App and "Zap triggered from Triggerbee" as your trigger. Press Continue. 
Connect your Triggerbee account by entering the API Key you copied earlier from Triggerbee. Press "Yes, Continue" when done.
If you have lost the API Key, just scroll up a bit to " Integrate Zapier to Triggerbee - Step 2". 
Test the connection to Triggerbee by pressing "Test". If successful, press Save + Continue. If not successful, try entering your API Key again, make sure it does not contain any extra characters or blank spaces.
Give your Zap a unique name. This will be used later in Triggerbee automation. 
Zapier will now scan your Triggerbee account to search for Samples. If successful, you will see the "Visitor Session A", if not, press "Get more samples". Otherwise, press "Done Editing".

Now you are done with the basic setup for Triggerbee! Press the + to add a connection to your desired app and continue to follow the instructions provided in Zapier for your app set up.

Video Tutorial

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