Subscriber properties that Triggerbee sends to integrated email system

Note: We support this feature for MailChimp, Rule, Voyado, Compost and Bizwizard. For Apsis and Webpower this needs to be created manually by the user in the respective system. 

Properties on the subscriber that Triggerbee automatically creates and update every night:

  • Triggerbee Goals -  Completed goals, for example converted in widget or downloaded a white paper 
  • Triggerbee Name - The visitors name in Triggerbee 
  • Triggerbee Org - The company name that is tagged on the visitor 
  • Triggerbee ProflN1 - The biggest interest for example "Conference" 
  • Triggerbee ProflN2 - The second biggest interest 
  • Triggerbee ProflN3 - The third biggest interest 
  • Triggerbee ProflV1 - The biggest interest counted in percent 
  • Triggerbee ProflV2 - The second biggest interest counted in percent 
  • Triggerbee ProflV3 - The third biggest interest in percent 
  • Triggerbee Rating -  Engagement metrics on the visitor from 1-10 
  • Triggerbee RatingM - Engagement metrics on the visitor monthly from 1-10 

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