Subscriber properties that Triggerbee sends to integrated email system

We support this feature for MailChimp, Rule, Compost, Bizwizard 
Properties on the subscriber that Triggerbee automatically creates and update every night:

Note: For Apsis and Webpower this needs to be created manually by the user in the respective system. 

  • Triggerbee Goals -  Completed goals, for example converted in widget or downloaded a white paper 
  • Triggerbee Name - The visitors name in Triggerbee 
  • Triggerbee Org - The company name that is tagged on the visitor 
  • Triggerbee ProflN1 - The biggest interest for example "Conference" 
  • Triggerbee ProflN2 - The second biggest interest 
  • Triggerbee ProflN3 - The third biggest interest 
  • Triggerbee ProflV1 - The biggest interest counted in percent 
  • Triggerbee ProflV2 - The second biggest interest counted in percent 
  • Triggerbee ProflV3 - The third biggest interest in percent 
  • Triggerbee Rating -  Engagement metrics on the visitor from 1-10 
  • Triggerbee RatingM - Engagement metrics on the visitor monthly from 1-10 
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