Zapier: Integrating Triggerbee and Lime Go

How to integrate Lime with Zapier and Triggerbee

This video assumes you have done the following:
1. Read the guide of how to integrate Zapier
2. Created a Widget

Log in to your Zapier account and Make a new Zap.
Add Triggerbee "new visitor session" as your Trigger and follow all the steps. 
For your Action Step, search for "Lime" and click on the "Lime Go" action that appears in the drop-down. Press Save + Continue in the next step. 
Now, open a new tab and log in to your Lime account. Click the cogwheel (settings) at the bottom left, and then go to Integration in the menu. 
Create an API Key. Start by giving it a descriptive name in the field "give the key a name". Then copy the key. 
Back in Zapier, connect your Lime account by clicking "Connect an account". A popup will appear, where you should enter your API Key. When the connection is successful, press Continue. 

Video tutorial

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