Quickstart Guide

This article will give you an overview of the Triggerbee App, with a short walkthrough of each section. 

Triggerbee Sections

  • Dashboard (A): This video will tell you more about the dashboard.
  • Insights (B): The Insights section displays all the visits on the website. Read more about Insights here.
  • People (C): The People section displays only identified visits, which are called contacts. Read more about People here.
  • Widgets (D): In the widget section, you can create popups and callouts and target them towards visitors in order to engage and convert them. Read more about Widgets here.
  • Consent (E): If you are using Triggerbee Consent, this is where you will set up and edit the Privacy Policy, and create consent forms. Read more about Consent here.
  • Automations (F): Automations are actions such as data being sent to an integrated app, or en email being sent due to activities on the website. Leads emails for example. Read more about Automations here.
  • Apps marketplace (G): In the Apps Marketplace, you will find all our integrated Apps, which can be activated and configured. Read more about the Apps marketplace here.
  • Settings (H): If you are an Administrator in your account, you will have the Settings section available. Here you will find your account settings, your tracking code, goals and interest profiling, etc.
  • Invite User (I): If you are an Administrator in your account, you have permission to invite users to your account. Read more about inviting users here
  • Account (J): If you have access to more than one account, this is where you can switch between them.  
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