An intro to your visitor list


The visitor list in the Insight section of Triggerbee is one of our core parts. This list will show you all your visitors, where they came from, what they are doing on your website, and hopefully - who they are.

When a new session occurs on your website, Triggerbee will check if the session belongs to an already converted visitor, i.e a contact. Read more about converting visitors here. If not, Triggerbee will take a look at the IP-address of the session. If the IP-address is registered to a company, we'll display that in the session - and if not, we'll just display the Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Remember: Each row in the visitor list represents sessions, not unique visitors. This means that one visitor will appear every time they revisit your webpage.

How to work with the visitor list


As a standard, the filter "Most interesting" is activated in the visitor list. This filter will remove ISPs, visitors labeled as co-workers, and other visits that are considered uninteresting until they become identified. Triggerbee will still collect their data, making it available as soon as the visitor is identified. Simply press the X symbol on the filter in order to remove it and display all the visits.

By clicking the calendar button, you'll be able to choose a specific period of dates to display.
The +NEW button allows you to create segments.

The visitor list has 4 main properties for each session.
  • When did the session occur? Date and time. 
  • Who was the person behind the visit? This will display the contacts name if present, otherwise the Company Name or the ISP.
  • What Happened in the session? From what source did the visitor come from, what were they most interested in during their visit, and did they fulfill any goals
  • Engagement score of the sessions. This algorithm is based on several factors, such as time spent on the website, the number of fulfilled goals, the number of page views, etc. It's an easy way of segmenting your visitors.

Aggregated data on the session or the contact can be found by clicking on a specific session. You can select what level of data you want to look at, session, person or organization. 

Here you'll see information about this specific visit, for instance:
  • For how long did the visit last?
  • When did it happen?
  • From where was the visit referred?
  • Did any goals become fulfilled during the visit?
  • Did the visit contain any specific pageviews?
  • What parts of the website was the person in the visit most interested in?
  • What activities happened during the visit (specific page views, displaying of widgets, form submissions etc.)

Here you'll find aggregated information about this person (or cookie before we have identification), such as:
  • If the person has any Labels
  • Contact Information such as email, name, telephone number - if the person is identified.
  • Notes
  • A summary of the person. When was their first and last visit, how many times have they been to the site in total, what device are they using, etc.
  • Aggregated Interest Profile
  • All the important events and fulfilled goals.
  • A list of all their visits, in chronological order.
  • If we have collected consent (GDPR) on the person. If so, when and on what specific privacy policy.

Here you'll find aggregated information about this Organization, such as:
  • The Company Name
  • Any Labels
  • Manual assign of this lead
  • Total and unique visits from this IP-address
  • A short snippet from Google about this company
  • Every visit listed.

Other available features of the visitor list

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