Intro - Identifying Visitors


This guide explains all the different ways of identifying a visitor in Triggerbee. 

Different ways of identifying visitors

Triggerbee can identify a visitor in 5 different ways. 

  1. HTML link
  2. Email integrations
  3. Form submissions
  4. Widget conversions
  5. JavaScript
Identifier Type Description Further reading
HTML Link URL parameter Add a UTM-parameter to identify a user with an email address.
Identify visitors with HTML links
Email integrations API Triggerbee grabs a unique identifier from any integrated Emai Marketing systems Identify Email subscribers
Form submission Form listener or JavaScript  Activate the Form Listener inside Triggerbee, or send the submitted form information with JavaScript to Triggerbee How to use the Form Listener
Widget conversion Triggerbee Widget Whenever a visitor converts in one of your widgets, they will become identified with their name or email address. Converting visitors with Widgets
JavaScript JavaScript Send submitted user information from a form into Triggerbee or send a javascript variable containing user information to Triggerbee Identifying visitors with JavaScript

Returning visitors

We identify each unique visitor using cookies. All users will stay identified until they clear their cookies or browsing history. 

If the visitor clears their cookies or uses a different device or browser, Triggerbee will not be able to identify them and they will be seen as an anonymous visitor next visit will be considered a new unique visitor - unless we have an email address associated with that cookie which will lead to Triggerbee converting the visitor to a contact.

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