Intro to People

People is where you find your identified visitors

Once a visitor is identified in Triggerbee through email or any other type of contact information, it is converted to a Contact and stored under the People section. 

You'll find the People section in the menu to the left.

  1. This is where you Filter out or Search for specific contacts.
  2. Exporting the current list of people.
  3. Customizing the columns of the contact list.
  4. Importing current contacts to Triggerbee.
  5. Customizing the properties of your contact fields
  6. Overview of each contact. As default, the list will show the email and name (if identified) of the contact, what goals they have achieved, any labels, what engagement level they have, and when they last visited your website. 

Clicking on the name of the contact will open a more detailed view of the person:

  1. Edit existing or new labels on the Contact. 
    You can also assign the contact as a lead to one of your sales representatives.
  2. Delete the contact.
  3. Here you'll find all the information that Triggerbee has stored about the contact, such as their full name, email, organization, phone number etc. You can also create notes on the contact here. 
  4. A summary of the contact actions on the website, such as first and last visit, what country they are visiting from, what device and what interest profiles they have (the pie chart).
  5. The most important events that the contact has performed on the website.
  6. Information about their latest visits. What time and day, length, how many clicks and what source.
  7. If consent has been collected, what type and when will show here.
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