Triggerbee's policy templates


This article will give you in-depth information about the available policy languages in Triggerbee Consent.

The policy

Triggerbee's policy is a standardized catch-all template. In other words, it works for most businesses and websites that use website tracking, collect personal information and use that information for marketing and sales purposes. 

An example case where Triggerbee's policy DOES NOT apply:
If you process or match the personal information you collect with other registries or share it with a third party company, Triggerbee's policy WILL NOT apply.

Policy settings

When you enter your company details or adjust how long you store personal information, Triggerbee automatically inserts it in the right places in the policy. 

All words and phrases encapsulated with curly brackets {{example}} will be replaced with the correct information once published on your website.

8 different languages

Triggerbee currently offers 8 translations of the policy. 

Here are the available languages: 

  1. Swedish
  2. English
  3. German
  4. Dutch 
  5. French
  6. Norwegian
  7. Danish
  8. Finnish

You can also use the Blank Template if you already have a privacy policy written and would like to use it with Triggerbee Consent.

If you add more than one language in your policy, Triggerbee will find the HTML lang-tag in the HTML to determine which policy to choose. 

You can also tell Triggerbee manually with JavaScript which policy to show.

The difference between the Privacy Policy and the Policy Notice

When you set up Consent for the first time, you will edit both your Privacy Policy and your Privacy Notice. 

Here's the main difference between the two: 

The Privacy Policy is your legal text. It looks like this on your website: 

The Privacy Notice is a popup that appears in one of the corners of your screen, or as a full-width panel, that inform visitors that you are using cookies to track their behavior and that you collect their personal information on certain pages.
The Privacy Notice looks like this: 

When someone clicks on "Learn More" in the privacy notice, the privacy policy will be opened. If they click on "OK" the notice will be closed.

It's also the Privacy Policy (not the notice) that will be opened if someone clicks on the Privacy Policy-link in your Widgets. 

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