Finding Contacts with Consent

There are two ways of finding all your contacts that have given consent.

  1. Filter in People. By creating a filter in the people section, you can filter out people with consent, with consent to a specific policy, and people without consent. These filters can be saved for later use. 
  2. In the consent section, there's a shortcut to see all contacts with consent.

1. Filter in People


Navigate to People, and click on +NEW. Select Given Consent.


Choose what type of filter you want and press Use.

  1. Has given consent: contacts that have given consent to one or several policies, no matter which one. 
  2. Has given consent for a specific policy: contacts that have given consent to a specific policy. A dropdown will appear in which you can choose the desired policy.
  3. Has not given any consent: contacts that have not given consent to any policy. 

The list will reload and show you all the contacts with the applied filter. A new column will appear as well, to show you what consent has been given and on what date the last consent was given.


Once you have filtered out your contacts with or without consent, you can save the segment by clicking the disc in the upper right corner (1), or export the lists by clicking the export-button on the bottom right (2).

2. Consent


Navigate to Consent and click "view people that has given consent." You will be redirected to the People section with the given consent filter already applied. 

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