Editing your privacy notice


This article will teach you how to edit your privacy notice, also known as privacy widget. 

Note: This guide will teach you how to edit your privacy notice. If you want to edit your privacy policy, please read this guide.

Editing your privacy notice

Navigate to Consent from the left menu. Click on Edit under "Policy widget on website".
You will be redirected directly to where you can edit your privacy notice. In the first step (step 3 in the consent editor), you can edit the position of your privacy notice.
  • Callout: Choose Callout to display the widget in any of the corners of the website.
  • Panel: Choose Panel to display the widget in full-width at the bottom or the top of the website. 
In the next step (step 4), you can edit the appearance of the notice. Click on any of the elements in the notice to change the color of it. You can also change the icon by clicking on the cookie (or the icon you have chosen). 
When you are finished, press "Next" and then Publish the new version of your notice.

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