An intro to Integrations


Triggerbee offers a range of Integration Apps that together bring you a great online marketing experience. By integrating one or several apps you will unlock more functionality in Triggerbee, as well as connecting Triggerbee to your Marketing Stack.

  • You will find the Integrations feature under Settings in the menu on the left in Triggerbee.
  • Inside Integrations, you will have Active and Available Apps. Press the App you want to activate, and follow the instructions provided. You will find a list of how to integrate each app here.
  • If the app is activated, but not configured properly - it will say "Not configured" as in the Apsis case in the screenshot.
  • Once an App is up and running, you can always go back here to reconfigure or turn on/off apps.

Use Cases

Define what a "hot lead" is for your company. Is it every company that visits more than twice, or visits a specific page? Once your hot lead fulfills this, an automation can send them directly into your CRM together with all data collected on them. 
Log your visitors scroll behavior on long articles or blog posts to identify more or less engaged readers.
Log video starts, pausing and all through views of your embedded videos (Youtube and Vimeo) to identify engaged visitors.
For Email Software tools, there's a range of use cases, such as: 
  • Track Campaigns
    Segment visitors based on what campaigns they come from. On each subscriber, you can see their profile history and see what campaigns they have visited from
  • Track subscriber actions onsite
    You can follow each individual subscriber as they land onsite. See all their actions, did they spend time with your content, view the entire product demo video, scroll down all the way on the blog post? Once the session has been associated with the email address all future visits from that visitor will be identified as the subscriber. And not only future visits but also past visits. This works with cookies so if the visitor removed their cookie the association is gone.
  • Opt-in subscribers
    Opt-in your subscriber from the Conversion Widgets you have created directly to your subscriber list. Do this by setting ut an Automation Trigger.
  • Profile subscriber list
    Have Triggerbee automatically update the subscriber list with data collected onsite. Data can be Lead Score, Progressive Interest Profiling, achieved goals. Set this up when you activate and configure the integration app. Select which subscriber list you want to add data to and select the values/columns you want.
  • Trigger Emails
    Using  Automation Triggers you can let actions that happen onsite trigger emails. The recipient can either be the visitor or your own sales/marketing staff. This is not yet enabled for all Email Integration Apps.
  • Add to Nurturing Track / Initiate Drip Campaigns
    Using Automation Triggers you can modify properties on the subscriber (merge vars, demographic fields) which can be used to control email tracks inside the email service. Most email distribution providers typically allow a drip campaign to be initiated upon Opt-in also.

    Example: A visitor signs up for a webinar. This action sets a goal in Triggerbee. Upon goal completion, there is an Automation Trigger that adds the subscriber to the email list “Webinar signups”. The email platform is then configured to send a drip campaign of three emails, one every week, to all new subscribers. 

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