Integrating with Mailchimp

Integrating Triggerbee with Mailchimp

Integrating Triggerbee with MailChimp, not only gives you fantastic possibilities for further insight and subscriber tracking, but also allows great Marketing Automation features.

Want an interactive, step-by-step tutorial inside Triggerbee?

Start Guide

Setup instructions:

In MailChimp: 

1. Log into your MailChimp account and go to Account

2. In the account settings, click on Extras in the menu and go to API keys

3. Click on Create A key to create a new API key for Triggerbee, name the key "Triggerbee" if you want to keep track of your keys

In Triggerbee: 

  1. Inside Triggerbee, navigate to "Apps" (or click here)

  2. Activate the Mailchimp App inside Triggerbee:

  3. Click the switch to activate your App, and enter your Mailchimp API key in the field that appears below.
    Don't know where to find your API key? Follow  these instructions.

  4. Select the Mailchimp lists you want to send new subscribers to, from Triggerbee:

  5. At the bottom step, "Select which lists Triggerbee should update", select the same lists as you did in the above step.

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