Setting up an Automation

How to set up an automation

Go to Automations. If is this your first Automation, you will land on the "Create New" view. If not, you will see your currently active and inactive Automations.o Create a New Automation, click Create New in the left menu, or the + sign to the right.

Name your Automation. We recommend that you choose a name that describes the automation, for example, "Sending converted visitors to Mailchimp".
Pick your Trigger, i.e. what action on your website should trigger your automation. You can choose from 3 different categories:
  • Goals. An action that has been executed by the visitor, as a sign of engagement. For example, logging in, filling out a form, viewing a youtube-clip, etc. You can read more about Goals here.
  • Widget Form Submission: When a visitor submits a form (eg. registration for a seminar with their email).
  • Path: When the visitor visits a specific URL.

    It is possible to combine and build triggers with logic operators.
    AND NOT: The visitor must have visited a certain URL AND been there at least 3 times.
    AND: The visitor must have completed the goal "added product to cart" AND NOT the goal "completed purchase".
    OR: The visitor must have completed the goal "downloaded pdf 1" OR "downloaded pdf 2".

Pick what Action should occur on the trigger(s). You can choose one or several actions. Depending on what apps you have integrated to Triggerbee, you will see different actions in the list.
Save your automation.

Congratulations, you just created your first automation!

This is what a complete automation could look like:

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