Edit an Automation

It is possible to edit your automation any way you want after it has been activated. If you want to do a lot of changes or change the core of the automation (for example changing the trigger), we recommend that you create a new automation instead, in order to separate the statistics of them. 

Navigate to Automations and click anywhere on the name of the automation you want to edit, this will open the Edit view.
In the Edit view, all of the triggers and actions can be edited, removed or added in any way you like.

A. Rename: Here you can change the name of the automation
B. Change Trigger: Switch to another trigger in the automation. Choose one of the ones being shown, or browse from the More.. menu
C. Add or change Conditions: Add or change conditions to the trigger. 
D. Removing an action: To remove an action, simply press the trash can on the right.
E. Move the action: It's possible to change the order of the actions by drag-and-drop. Press the grey area of the action and drag it to its new position.
F. Add an action: Press + Add Action to add another action to the automation

When you are finished, press  Save Automation to save your changes.

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