Integrating with Rule

Rule subscriber tracking and segmentation

Create leads with Rule Mailer. What subscribers and companies are spending a lot of time reading about your offers, who orders and who does not order..? The Triggerbee for Rule App brings you great profiling capabilities to your existing subscriber lists. Use it to trigger emails based on website activities, profile your subscribers in Rule to create hyper segments and become more relevant in your communication.

Note: Make sure you follow all the steps in this article to fully integrate Rule.

Step One. Activate the integration

Log in to Rule and create a new API Key for Triggerbee according to these instructions. Copy the generated API-key. Make sure the API key doesn't add any blank spaces or other extra characters when copying. 
In Triggerbee, go to "Integrations" and activate the Rule App.

Fill out the API key and Press Save. Make sure authentication is successful. Otherwise, an error will be shown after the settings are saved.

Try waiting a while if you just created the API-key and authentication is unsuccessful. If the authentication is still unsuccessful, check again that your API-key does not contain any extra characters than copied. Sometimes an extra blank space is added when copying.

Once successfully authenticated, open Rule App in Triggerbee again.

A. Triggers: This is where you choose which one of your lists in Rule that Triggerbee should integrate with, eg. populate with new subscribers.
B. Update subscriber properties: Choose what properties Triggerbee should populate and update on the subscriber in Rule. 

Note: All of the properties including the word "Consent" are not to be used unless you are using Triggerbee Consent.  

C. Select which lists Triggerbee should update: Choose which of your lists in Rule (must match at least one of the lists in step A), that Triggerbee should sync these properties with.

Step two. Enable automatic identification of subscribers in Triggerbee

When a subscriber clicks through your Rule newsletter to your site, Triggerbee can automatically identify that visitor as a subscriber, and add their email to your Insights lists in Triggerbee, along with the data we have collected on the visitor, such as Interest Profiles, Goals and Consent.

Congratulations, now you are completely done with the integration and set up of Rule! 

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