Integrating with Mandrill

Mandrill is a plugin for Mailchimp, which allows you to send emails based on actions in Triggerbee.

Note: This integration requires that you have a Mandrill account

How to Integrate Mandrill

1. Get your API Key

Log in to your Mandrill account and navigate to Settings and API Key in the left menu.
Click "New API Key", name it "Triggerbee" and press "Create API Key".

Copy the Key. Make sure to not have any spaces or extra characters following.

2. Activate the integration

Navigate to Integrations, and select the Mandrill app. Toggle the On/Off button to activate the app. 
Enter the API Key you copied from Mandrill. Press Save.  
Once the connection is successful, you are done with the integration! Mandrill will now be available for email automations. 

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