Integrating with APSIS

Integrating Triggerbee with Apsis 

The Triggerbee Apsis integration makes it possible to get better analytics on what company and subsbribers that are reading the articles on your web site. Feedback all web site activities back into Apsis for enhanced segmenting of the subscribers. This brings you new profiling capabilities to your existing subscriber base along with great lead nurturing and marketing automation capabilities.

How to activate

  1. Make sure API-feature is activated in Apsis by going to Account > Integrations and look for a group named “API-keys”. If the group doesn’t exist you have to contact Apsis Sales to order this feature
  2. Create an API-key in Apsis
  3. Activate the Apsis App inside Triggerbee
  4. Fill out the API key and make sure authentication is successful. Otherwise an error will be shown after the settings is saved (try wait a while if you just created the API-key and authentication is un-successful)
  5. In Apsis: Go to Account > Integrations > External statistics and activate "Google Analytics”.
  6. Enter the key name utm_custom[apsis] in the key field and set its value to ##SubscriberId##
  7. Send your campaign
  8. Follow up on campaign in Triggerbee

Update fields with Triggerbee data

Triggerbee can also talk back to the subscriber list providing additional fields on each subscriber. Some of these fields are Interest Profiles, Lead Score and Achieved Goals. First of all you need to create these fields in Apsis.

  1. Go to settings for recipients lists, found on "HOME" dashboard
  2. Select demographic data in the sub-menu
  3. Add desired Triggerbee columns
  4. Login to Triggerbee-app and select properties desired to sync. IMPORTANT: Only select field that you’ve created demographic fields for in Apsis, otherwise sync won’t go through

Supported demographic data fields:

  • tb_goals
  • tb_name
  • tb_org
  • tb_rating
  • tb_ratingm (Rating Last 30 days)
  • tb_profln1 (Interest Profiles)
  • tb_proflv1 (Interest Profiles value)
  • tb_profln2 (Interest Profiles)
  • tb_proflv2 Interest Profiles value)
  • tb_profln3 (Interest Profiles)
  • tb_proflv3 (Interest Profiles value)
  • tb_optin (coming soon)
  • tb_optindata (coming soon)

When these steps is completed Triggerbee updates additional fields on the subscriber list for each Triggerbee property that should the synched. The synching from Triggerbee is done every night.


  • Send mail. Requires Transactional in Apsis. Contact Apsis Sales to order this feature
  • Update value of a demographic data field
  • Add email to a list

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