Logging goals through UTM-links

One way of setting goals on a specific visit is to log them through UTM-links. 

Use Cases

  • Track logins from other domains
  • Track event signups

How to

Goals can be logged either by name only or together with a specific revenue.

With name only
  • Template: www.website.com?utm_goal=goal name
  • Example: www.triggerbee.com?utm_goal=Completed%20Purchase
With name and revenue
  • Template: www.website.com?utm_goal[name]=goal name&utm_goal[revenue]=cost
  • Example: www.triggerbee.com?utm_goal[name]=Completed%20Purchase&utm_goal[revenue]=99

Note: Special characters can not be used in UTM-links. Instead, use their UTF8 value. For example, to use space, put %20.

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