Integrating with Voyado

Note: In order to connect Triggerbee with Voyado, you need to prepare your Voyado account. Contact our sales team about how you can get started.

Voyado Setup

Voyado will help you prepare your account for integrating Triggerbee. The setup contains of three parts, field, API and trigger setup. 

A number of fields need to be added to your Voyado account. These are:
  • tb_goals (Goals that the visitor has acquired)
  • tb_name (Name of the visitor)
  • tb_org (Organization)
  • tb_rating (Rating)
  • tb_ratingm (Rating last 30 days)
  • tb_profln1 (Interest Profile 1 Name)
  • tb_proflv1 (Interest Profile 1 Value)
  • tb_profln2 (Interest Profile 2 Name)
  • tb_proflv2 (Interest Profile 2 Value)
  • tb_profln3 (Interest Profile 3 Name)
  • tb_proflv3 (Interest Profile 3 Value)
  • Consent
  • tb_last_seen (Last Seen)
  • tb_first_seen (First Seen)

For allowing Triggerbee to connect with Voyado, we need a set of API keys that Voyado will provide you with. These are:

Encryption Key
External ID
Contact Type (Member/Contact)
You will need to use all five of these in the Triggerbee setup, so save these to use further down. 

If you plan on triggering automations in Voyado directly from Triggerbee, you will need to declare these in the Triggerbee setup. To do so, ask your Voyado contact for the automation IDs. Save these for use further down. 

Integrating Voyado in Triggerbee

Navigate to Integrations in Triggerbee, and click the Voyado integration. 
Toggle the On/Off button in the integration window to On.
Fill in the integration according to:
  • API: The API Key from Voyado
  • URL: The URL to your Voyado account, which Voyado will provide you with. (Note! The URL has to have /api at the end)
  • Encryption Key: The Encryption Key from Voyado
  • External StoreID: The External ID of the store (if you have more than one) in Voyado. 
  • Primary Contact: type: The type of contacts you primarily use in Voyado (Member or Contact). What you select here will determine what type of contacts Triggerbee will create in Voyado upon conversion.
  • Secondary Contact type (optional): If you are working with multiple contact types in Voyado, enter your secondary type here to allow Triggerbee to update those contacts with data. 
  • Triggers: If you want to be able to Trigger emails or text messages directly from Triggerbee, they need to be declared here. Add your triggers according to Trigger Name = Voyado Automation Name. You'll get the Voyado automation name from your Voyado contact, and the Trigger name should describe what the automation will do, eg. "Send Welcome Email". This will be shown inside Triggerbee Automations.
  • Widgets: If you want to target Widgets on specific audiences in Voyado, this is where you declare your audiences. Simply enter the name of your audience, and it will appear inside the Widget editor for targeting.
Press Save when you are finished with your set up. Wait a minute to make sure that the setup is successfully done. If not, the integration will say "unable to authenticate". In that case, make sure all the fields are filled in correctly according to step 3, and try again. Otherwise, contact Triggerbee support.
Now you're done! In a short while, your Voyado options will appear in Triggerbee automations, widgets and insights.

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