Integration with other Email Software

In Triggerbee you can identify visitors with their e-mail address even if it's the first time they visit your website. 

We have a variety of native Email Software Integrations to choose from. 

If you are using an email software that we currently don't have an integration for, you can still track them on your website  using dynamic tags (also called "mergevars" or "merge-tags").

Almost every e-mail marketing provider uses dynamic tags which you could place in your e-mail content to display i.e. a subscribers first name, e-mail address or any other information that you have collected from them.

E-mail service

Tag to use

Example URL

AWeber {!email}[email]={!email}
Campaign Monitor [email][email]=[email]
Blue Hornet %%to_email%%[email]=%%to_email%%
iContact [email][email]=[email]
ConvertKit {{ subscriber.email_address }}[email]={{ subscriber.email_address }}
Drip {{ }}[email]={{ }}
HubSpot { }[email]={ }
GetResponse [email][email]=[email]
Pardot %%email%%[email]=%%email%%
Infusionsoft ~Contact.Email~[email]=~Contact.Email~
Mad Mimi (email)[email]=(email)
Marketo {{lead.Email Address:default=noemail}}[email]={{lead.Email Address:default=noemail}}
Vertical Response {EMAIL_ADDRESS}[email]={EMAIL_ADDRESS}
ExactTarget %%Email Address%%[email]=%%Email Address%%
<span class='eloquaemail'>EmailAddress</span>[email]=<span class='eloquaemail'>EmailAddress</span>
Klavio {{ email }}[email]={{ email }}

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