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In Triggerbee you can identify visitors with their e-mail address even if it's the first time they visit your website. 

We have a variety of Apps and integrations to choose from, but if you want to track visitors coming from a service that we currently don't have an integration for, you can still identify them by using dynamic tags (also called "mergevars" or "merge-tags").

Almost every e-mail marketing provider uses dynamic tags which you could place in your e-mail content to display i.e. a subscribers first name, e-mail address or any other information that you have collected from them.

E-mail service

Tag to use

Example URL

AWeber {!email} https://example.com/?utm_custom[email]={!email}
Campaign Monitor [email] https://example.com/?utm_custom[email]=[email]
Constant Contact $SUBSCRIBER.EMAIL$ https://example.com/?utm_custom[email]=$SUBSCRIBER.EMAIL$
Blue Hornet %%to_email%% https://example.com/?utm_custom[email]=%%to_email%%
iContact [email] https://example.com/?utm_custom[email]=[email]
ConvertKit {{ subscriber.email_address }} https://example.com/?utm_custom[email]={{ subscriber.email_address }}
Drip {{ subscriber.email }} https://example.com/?utm_custom[email]={{ subscriber.email }}
HubSpot { contact.email } https://example.com/?utm_custom[email]={ contact.email }
GetResponse [email] https://example.com/?utm_custom[email]=[email]
Pardot %%email%% https://example.com/?utm_custom[email]=%%email%%
Infusionsoft ~Contact.Email~ https://example.com/?utm_custom[email]=~Contact.Email~
Mad Mimi (email) https://example.com/?utm_custom[email]=(email)
Marketo {{lead.Email Address:default=noemail}} https://example.com/?utm_custom[email]={{lead.Email Address:default=noemail}}
Vertical Response {EMAIL_ADDRESS} https://example.com/?utm_custom[email]={EMAIL_ADDRESS}
ExactTarget %%Email Address%% https://example.com/?utm_custom[email]=%%Email Address%%
SendGrid [%email%] https://example.com/?utm_custom[email]=[%email%]

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