How to Trigger an automation in Voyado

When a visitor converts in one of your widgets or fills out a form on your website, you can trigger an automation in Voyado, such as sending an email or text message.

1. Integrate your Voyado account to Triggerbee, and make sure to declare your automations under Triggers. 
2. An active Onsite Campaign with a conversion form OR any active event to trigger the automation

How to trigger an automation in Voyado through Triggerbee


Navigate to Automations and create a new one. Give it a descriptive name. 


Choose your trigger. In this case, we will pick "A visitor completes a Goal". It could be "completed purchase" for instance.


Under "Do this action", select "Trigger an automation".

In the dropdown, select the automation you want to trigger.

Note: Make sure that you have declared your automations in the Voyado integration before doing this, otherwise you won't see any options in the list. Add your triggers according to Trigger Name = Voyado Automation Name. You'll get the Voyado automation name from your Voyado contact, and the Trigger name should describe what the automation will do, eg. "Send Welcome Email".


Save your automation and you're done!

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