Intro to Onsite Campaigns

Triggerbee's Widgets are proven to increase customer engagement, conversions, sales, and website engagement.

During the nineties, popups were considered ugly, irritating and in the users' way. But today, the attitude towards popups are different. The users have become blunter and do not react as strongly to popups. Instead, it's common for them to interact with the popups without a second thought. The fact is, studies show that the bounce rate on a website remains the same with or without popups. However, popups have proven to increase the number of subscribers on a website.

So, does Triggerbee Widgets equal popups? Not necessarily, but you can choose to display your widget as a popup. It's all about what offer you want to show, how, where and to who you want to display it. Let's break it down.


Before you start creating your widget, you need to decide what the purpose is. What is the desired outcome, and what's in it for your visitor? Why should they sign up? 
Here's where you have to play with psychology. Let's look at an example. 

Of the two widgets above, which one would you sign up to? The second one, of course. Nobody wants more newsletters, but we all want inspirational recipes.

So, what we're trying to convey here is the importance of content and giving the visitor something in exchange for their email address. 


The first choice in creating your widget will be how you want to display your offer. The choices you have are:

  • Popup: Will display on top of your website's content, in the middle of the screen. 
  • Callout: Will display at the bottom right corner of your website, on top of the content. 
  • Fullscreen: Will display full screen (100% width) above your content.
  • Embedded: Can be inserted into your website, eg. in the middle of an article or right below your content. 
  • Sidebar: Will display as a sidebar, which can be placed at the top, bottom or any of the sides of your webpage. 

Depending on the purpose of your widget, different display options are suitable. For instance, anything intrusive, like a popup or fullscreen - should contain a "must-have" offer, making it worth the interruption for the visitor. Embedded widgers are suitable for creating forms, and sidebars are most often used for directing the user around, or displaying your current offers on-site, like a "shop-window". 


When displaying a certain offer to your visitors, it is of the highest importance that you put it in a relevant context. Someone looking at men's clothing wouldn't want to see an offer for a lady's dress. It is also a matter of timing. In some cases, there is a relevance in showing the widget right away when the visitor comes to your page, and in some other cases, you don't want to show it until they are on their way out of your website (exit intent targeting). 


The heart of Triggerbee is the ability to display widgets based on the audience. Who do you want to see your widget? The base of the segmentation is whether the visitor is known or unknown. To keep it simple, all your known visitors are the visitors in your newsletter-list, your CRM, or some other customer database. You know who they are, but what about the others? The unknown. These are the visitors you want to convert into known visitors. A widget asking the visitors to subscribe to your newsletter, wouldn't be relevant to the ones already in it. Here's where Triggerbee can help you to only target that widget to the unknown visitors.

There's also a bunch of other targeting possibilities, such as:

  • Goals: targeting based on fulfilled (or non-fulfilled) goals on the website.
  • Labels: targeting based on visitor labels, such as current customers, churn-warnings or prospects.
  • Newsletter list (only for MailChimp, Rule and Voyado users after integration): targeting based on your current subscriber lists.
  • UTM: targeting based on utm-parameters. Show your widget only for visitors coming from a certain utm_campaing or source. 
  • Javascript and Cookies (advanced): targeting based on javascript statements and/or cookies. 

🎉 Ready to create your first widget? Jump right in!

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