Onsite Campaigns: Dashboard

The Dashboard

Campaign Statistics. The Campaign statistics will give you an overview look of the stats of your current live campaigns, for the last 7 vs. 30 days. Read more about the Campaign Statistics here.
Create a new Campaign. This is where you create new campaigns. Read more about how to create a campaign here.
Grid vs. Table view. Toggle between grid and table view of your campaigns. The Table view will allow you to see statistics for each campaign. Read more about each view here
Filter and search. Filter or search for campaigns here. Read more about Filtering and Tags here.
Active Campaigns. All your active campaigns will be listed here. Preview the campaign on-site, or open the menu to see more options. Read more about Campaign Options here.
Inactive Campaigns. All your active campaigns will be listed here. Preview the campaign on-site, or open the menu to see more options. Read more about Campaign Options here.
Campaign Editor. Click on the graphics of the campaign to open the Campaign Editor. Works for both active and inactive campaigns.

Campaign Statistics

At the top of your Onsite Campaign Dashboard, you will see your statistics for your campaigns. At the top left, you will see views, conversions, and click-throughs for the last 7 days, compared to the same stats for the 7 days before that. Below, you will see the same stats for the last 30 days. 

Conversions will only be counted for widgets containing a form, while click-throughs will only be counted for widgets with link-buttons. 

Hover over the graph on the right to see statistics for each day, for the past 30 days. Click on each data point at the top of the graph to remove it from the graph.

Grid vs. Table

Toogle between the Grid and Table view of your Campaigns. In the grid view, the campaigns are displayed in boxes, with their graphic elements. In the table view, the campaigns are listed without their graphic element. 

In the table view, you can see the statistics for each campaign by opening its menu on the right.

Filter and Search

Use the filter field to either filter or search among your campaigns, based on tags or free text search.


Tags are used to categorize your campaigns, based on the occasion, type of campaign etc. Filter by selecting any of your tags in the list.

Created tags can be edited or deleted in the Tag menu. Change the name and/or color of your tag, or delete old ones.

Campaign Options

For each campaign, in both grid- and table view, a preview of the campaign is possible. Simply press the "view" button and watch the campaign appear on your site!

By clicking the three dots on the right side of the campaign, an options menu will open. Here, you will be able to:

  • Publish/Unpublish Campaigns (depending on if the campaign is already live or not).
  • Duplicate Campaigns within the same account. This option will create a copy of your campaign together with its settings and automation. 
  • Copy Campaign to another account. This only applies if you have more than one account (web page) registered with Triggerbee.
  • Go to Form Submissions. This option will redirect you to a list of all converted visitors. 
  • Delete Campaign. A prompt will appear before anything is fully deleted, but make sure to not delete any campaigns you wish to save data for.

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