Installing Triggerbee with server-side cookies (HTTP-cookies)

Setting the visitors cookie server-side enhances the length in time that each visitor can be remembered. The new cookie name will be _smtruid. Before activating this setting you must take the following steps:

Create a CNAME pointer from a subdomain of your site to the Triggerbee tracker domain: Please include "triggerbee" in the subdomain (ex.
Triggerbee needs to verify ownership of the subdomain. Contact Triggerbee support to get the TXT-pointer value you need to set up and reply when it is done so Triggerbee can verify the domain.
Update the Triggerbee script snippet: Replace "" with your new domain. Make sure you only change the domain and not the paths.
You will need to allow the new domain to use your SSL certificate. If you are already allowing all subdomains ("wildcard SSL") then no change is needed. ( useful link for further information)

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