Onsite Campaigns: Widget Layouts

The Widget in your Onsite Campaign can have several different Layouts, which will be the base of your widget. This article will guide you through the options.


The Popup format is displayed on top of your content, together with a semi-transparent overlay behind it. The visitor needs to actively convert or close the widget in order to use the site. The popup can be displayed in the center of the webpage, or in any of the corners.

Common use cases are:

  • Newsletter Signups
  • Offers and promotions
  • Exit Intent in Checkout


Callouts are displayed in any of the corners of the webpage and allow the visitor to keep interacting with the webpage without taking action in the widget.

Note: The callout layout will keep showing on each page view until the visitor interacts with the campaign, either by converting or closing it (eg. having close behavior, not minimize).

Common use cases are:

  • Chat Widgets 
  • Promotion of blog articles or other content


Panels are displayed with 100% width either at the top or bottom of the webpage. 

Common use cases are:

  • Webinar or Event Signups
  • Count downs for ongoing promotions
  • Release notes


Embedded widgets are callouts or panels that are injected into the CMS, allowing it to "blend" into the webpage for a native look.

Common use cases are:

  • Newsletter Signup in Footer 
  • Whitepaper Downloads in blog articles
  • Content Lock, eg. locking in content that has to be unlocked with email.

Note: The Content Lock Layout is not yet available in Onsite Campaigns. If you wish to use this layout, please have a look at the older Widget Editor.


Fullscreen widgets are 100% width and height and are displayed on top of your content, eg. nothing of your webpage will be shown until the visitor closes the widget.

Common use cases are:

  • Important information about the webpage or company
  • Ads

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